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A01.4415 - Knapp

Plastic pens, in trendy pastel colours

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A01.4415 - Knapp


New catalog all for your office

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Self-adhesive notepad, self-adhesive labels and calendars

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A06.3831, A06E.4014, A06.4279

Write endlessly with the everlasting „eternal” pencil

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A06.3831, A06E.4014, A06.4279

A10.4122, A10.4125, A02.4126

We support pens in an ECO spirit

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A10.4122, A10.4125, A02.4126


Large selection of popular USB flash drives in stock

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Promotional items
and gifts for your company

MPM- showroom

Catalog of promotional gifts

We offer more than 2814 Products in stock, from promotional pens to luxury gift items for managers. Current offer can be found on our e-shop or can be sent to you in catalog for free.

2814 products

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2814 products

Why should you cooperate with us?

You can find everything necessary for representational gifts but also promo items at one place with us. Count in the experience in the field since 1993, excellent client service and you’ll get the right ingredients for a successful cooperation.

Are you an advertising agency? Join the other 5500 European advertising agencies that cooperate with us and capitalise on the basis of permanent partner.

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We have more than 20 000 items in stock on more than 4 000 square meters

Printing technologies

Modern printing technologies are ready to fulfil all of your requirements, among others also preparing last-minute gifts.

Graphic studio

That, which have been only in your dreams till now, can be transferred to paper by our graphics and then brought to life for you by our skilful boys and girls from production.

6 tips and occasions for buying a promotional gift

Why you should consider a production of promotional items


Build a positive long-term relationships with your business partners. A gift with your logo will enable you to do that.

Gifts for employees

Appropriately chosen company gift for you employees is an integral part of thanking them for their well-done job.

Sale support

Small gift with your product will make a good impression and your customers will remember you gladly, when they order something next time.

Be visible

Your promotional pen, mug with logo or T-shirt with printing everywhere you look? Why not!

Budget not exhausted

… than why not give your partners and customers a gift before the end of the year. We believe that even a small gift can make a great business for example during the next year.

Allowable expense

Do not forget that every gift with logo from our portfolio under 500 CZK will be considered to be an allowable expense.

Promotional services in one place

We help realise your ideas from graphic design to the finished product

Advertising agency with personal graphic studio and production

Our graphic studio is here for you as well as the production with technologies for printing and branding of not only promotional items. We specialise in inventive and original gift items. We use our almost 30years of experience in the horological environment.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly prepare for you not only a portfolio of our promotional items, but also printed materials, corporate identity and other marketing services.

Your brand

Technologies for you

Tampon printing

Transferring of colour from printing form by silicone tampon on items. Quick branding even for grand series of items.

Laser engraving

Do you need an elegant branding of premium gifts? Laser ensures this. We engrave watches, jewellery, wooden items and glasses or e.g. metal ball pens.

Silk- screening

Great for textile and other big products. Used for bigger sizes of printing and higher series. Pushing colour through a sieve onto a material is one of the oldest printing technologies.

UV print

Digital technology for full colour printing on bigger materials. Colour is hardened by UV light, which guarantees the long-lasting printing.


Under high temperature and pressure, the ink will imprint into a suitable sublimation material. Most often used for mugs and textile made of synthetic fibres.

Watches and Clocks

We will gladly adjust the design of clocks, watches and also alarm clocks by changing the dial for one with personal logo or graphics for bigger series of clocks and watches, at the same time we will gladly make a design exactly according to your vision.


Easy, but very effective technology for labelling of both leather and synthetic materials. Personal logo on a wallet or a diary are an easy work for us, premium design guaranteed.


High-quality embroidery will elevate the design of corporate textile. We can broider T-shirts, shirts, caps, towels, bags and many more.

3D sticker

Stickers with modified surface by epoxy resin are extremely flexible, with great visual 3D effect.

Sand blasting

Blasting of fine-sand on the item will result in creating a relief thanks to the removal of a thin layer of material. Suitable for branding of glasses, bottles and memorial tables.


We use transfer there, where silk-screening cannot get. We transfer the colour from the transfer paper onto an item by means of thermopress

Graphic studio at your service

  • Printed materials for companies
  • Promotional material, brochures
  • Leaflets, posters
  • Different types of perforated printed materials
  • Stickers, labels, vignettes
  • Foil inscriptions
  • Coating for cars, shop windows, signs
  • Creation of corporate identity
  • Cut advertisement

This is how many products we have for you in stock

23 000

This is how many printings we can make for you every day


We have been on the market for longer than 31

MPM Quality

These companies trust us

We are thankful for the great demand for our promotional products.

All you have to do is choose

  1. Choose a gift according to your visions
  2. Send the order and attach logo
  3. Make yourself a coffee and wait for our graphic preview
  4. We will get to work after your approval
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Promotional items

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