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The company MPM-Quality, v.o.s., provides promotional services via its own advertising agency. Main part of an advertising agency is primarily a graphic studio, where graphic models and previews are made according to the clients’ requirements. After the client’s approval, these models and previews become the basis for the following processing, especially for creating different types of prints for promotional items. The contents of these graphic models can be e.g. logos, symbols, ornamental inscriptions, pictures, or other graphic elements. As the means of putting graphics on the promotional items, we offer the following techniques:

Beside the aforementioned graphic drafts, our graphic studio can also offer preparation, production and delivery of all kinds of printed materials or graphics, e.g.:

  • company printed materials- business cards, envelopes, headed papers
  • promotional materials, brochures
  • leaflets, posters
  • different types of perforated printed materials
  • stickers, labels, vignettes
  • foil inscriptions
  • coating for cars, shop windows, signs
  • creation of corporate identity (from logo to complete visual style of the company)
  • cut advertisement (on demand, we will ensure the production of advertising boards of different sizes, and their coating in a colourful execution, according to client’s wishes)