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How to send in materials

Rules for sending in materials for the processing of printing on promotional items

  • printing materials in vectors- formats CDR (Corel Draw), AI (Adobe Ilustrator), or EPS, or PDF (in vectors in Acrobat)
  • all of the texts convert into curves, in case they are not in curves, attach used fonts
  • colours only CMYK or PANTONE- if need be, attach logo-manual
  • picture-materials- generally, the picture should have the resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) when in the printing size of the format A4, the colour space RGB or CMYK, in the format tif, psd, or jpg (with none or minimal compression)
  • we do not guarantee the supplied printed materials, which are not graphically processed in our graphic studio and are only handed over to be printed (colourfulness, transitions, etc)
  • completely unsuitable is any bitmap and grid and materials processed in WORD or EXCEL. In case of the materials being supplied in unsuitable format, we will charge the client according to an hour rate.

Materials for processing of printed advertisement e.g. leaflet

  1. Texts – written in WORD or other word processors, freely flowing, without any format changes.
  2. Photography – saved separately, outside of the actual text, in digital form, resolution of 300 dpi, colour space RGB or CMYK, in the format tif, psd, or jpg (with none or minimal compression).
  3. Signs and designs – only in vectors (cdr, ai, eps, pdf), the size and resolution is not important in this case.


How the previews are created and approved of

Creation of previews

Previews normally contain 2 variants, other possible variants of previews for following corrections will be charged according to the current rate for graphic works.


1. Design - Free

When assigning the order, the customer specifies his/hers ideas about colourfulness, size and placing of logo on the chosen item.

In the chosen technologies available for the specific items, the maximal size of the print is given, and this size cannot be exceeded.


2. Design - Free

The customer has already chosen the variant of logo from the previous design, but demands the logo to be moved to the centre. First such change or correction is still free, if it is not the case of new logo design or a change of placing of logo to other side or part of the product, than it was specified in the original order.


3. Design - Paid

The customer demands another change in the design, the placement of the logo on the clip and addition of web-link to the other side of a pen in green colour. Each such change that has not been specified in the original order is taken as another design and is charged according to the current rate for graphic works.


The approval of previews

Previews are only informational, viewing of such preview on monitor or its printing cannot be taken as the real shade of specified colour after realization, binding are those shades stated in the description.

We ask our customers to thoroughly check the information in the previews. By approving each of the previews you confirm its correctness and you give the permission to realize your order. Later objections about overlooked typing errors, other mistakes or changes in the graphics will be denied!