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UV printing

Modern digital printing technology with wide-range of colours is based on applying special inks and their subsequent hardening, using the UV light. The undeniable advantage is that the used ink colours do not react with the printed surface, nor are they absorbed by it. It is a very universal technology, that can be used for printing on a wide spectre of items and solid materials with flat surface, not on e.g. textiles. In the end, the colours are always bright and lively and the print is overall very solid and resistant to e.g. thinners and solvents. The wide range of colours also enables the finished product to be in form of a photo. It is also possible to print on dark or transparent surfaces. UV print can create everything from stickers and foils with relief print (writing or logo), to small or slightly bigger promotional items, to large-scale format printings and signs, with maximal size of 43 x 105 cm and height max. to 10 cm.